Help Saving the Marine Life!


Live, to Give ! Every Purchase Helps Protect Marine Life.
— Sand Cloud Towels

About Sand Cloud

Founded on Instagram and Snapchat (sand_cloud), their amazing brand believe that the beach lifestyle is something you never have to grow out of. In fact, for them, the beach means many things such as: freedom, friendship and communing with nature. It is a place to express one’s unique individuality and style while they share good vibes and also to replenish this individual’s spirit, to be able to live his life with passion.

Did you know that when you purchase Sand Cloud products, you automatically help to preserve and protect beaches, oceans, and the Marine Life ? In fact, 10% of their net profits are kindly donated to organizations such as the SurfRider Foundation, the Pacific Marine Mammal Center and San Diego’s CoastKeeper, that all share the same mission.

Thereby, Sand Cloud is commited to raising awareness for key issues involving the preservation of marine life and the environment, for example, by being involved in protecting the local beaches of California.

Are you interested to join this positive movement ? Sand Cloud is always looking out to expand their community by building a  strong team filled with new inspiring ambassadors (people just like you!) that truly represent Sand Cloud ideals and are willing to help spread their powerful message all over the world.

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Their Mission

Sand Cloud Towels ‘s main mission is to protect our oceans and our marine life, which nowadays is most-likely neglected by the population. Indeed, statistic shows that the ocean covers up to 71% of the total Earth’s surface, from which, 85% of litter found in oceans (as of today) is made of plastic. However, the ocean represents 93% of the Earth’s habitat space, which, by defaut, means that it also contains our largest water supply. Furthermore, up to this day, the statistic shows that 52% of the marine life have ingested various plastic risidues thrown in the water, and from that number, 18% of the plastics that are dumped in the ocean, generally ends up by the shores polluting our splendid beaches and our cities. Then finally, a monstrous percentage of 30% represents the amount of marine life, so far, that have been entangled in plastic debris due to mankind and all of our threatful and selfish life habits.

My Sand Cloud Ambassador Discount

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Every Gesture Counts ! Start HELPING This Very Important And Actual Cause TODAY ! Make A Change !

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**This content is not sponsored, therefore this is entirely my own honest opinion/concerns and I sincerely have this major cause at heart, because I strongly believe that all together we can work hard to make, at a time, some positive impacts and valuable changes to our lifestyle as well as to the environment.

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