My Story: Learn A Little More About Me

My Story

Hello friends! My name is Roxanne, and welcome to ROXY CREATIONS. I have been blogging here since the blog’s creation in winter of Janurary, 2017. As I discovered myself a new interest for entrepreneurship and the world of blogging, I am currently embracing some new challenges and created this exciting new project, which I am very passionate about. This blog is an expression of creativity, inspiration and beauty. Indeed, this creative platform is mainly made for me to share my advices on a topics that I love, such as lifestyle & beauty, and to interact with my community. As I am also a beauty lover, I am as well offering my artistic services in makeup application to answer all of my clients specific needs for any of their upcoming events. If you are new here, you can find each of my archieved articles on my home page by clicking HERE.

captureThis Is Me ⇒

About Roxanne

Let me introduce myself more specifically, I am a young adult born in the late 90’s who is living in the surburbs of Montreal, which is located in the province of Quebec in Canada. Originally born as a french canadian, I was raised in a bilingual enviromnent, which was the ideal opportunity, for me, as a child to learn both cultures and be fluent in both languages. Furthermore, people close to me would describe me as  a determinated, detailed, yet somewhat mysterious individual who has always been very captivated by the world of arts and aesthetics.

In fact, ever since my teenage years, I was conviced that I belonged amongs others who share the same interests as me, which is why I first enrolled in a Visual Arts program in college. Discovering myself a little more better throughout it all, I finally changed schools a year later to join a Design program downtown, which I am no longer studying anymore. Here we now are a few months later, after a long period of reflexion, taking a sabbatical leave from school until the next semester and working full-time as a draftsperson for a architecture company specialized in curtainwall. Also, I have applied to be part of a professional artistic makeup program in fall, to be a certified makeup artist, as well as taking this time  to recharge and to expand my knowledge and capacities by working on this blog.

Even though I have met some obstacles along the way, I feel like I am finally learning to know more about myself and what inspires and motivates me the most at the end of the day and I encourage everyone that might be having the same issues, to keep looking forward to be able to acheive your dearest dreams because everything is possible if you work hard to make it happen.

My Milestones

Here is a list of my reached milestones so far :

〉〉 Creation of ROXY CREATIONS Lifestyle & Beauty Blog: January 20th, 2017.
〉〉 Creation of ROXY CREATIONS Instagram Account (@roxy_creations): Febuary 20th, 2017.
〉〉 Creation of ROXY CREATIONS Facebook Account (@creationsxroxy): Febuary 20th, 2017.


For this blog, I truly wish to expand my community by getting more visibility. Also, I hope that with time and dedicated work, ROXY CREATIONS will be able to do a multitude of collaborations with brands that I love and more importantly become my main work and that I will become a full-time blogger, since it is something that I very much would enjoy doing and would be the perfect platform for me to be the most creative. (Especially with all of my ideas and upcoming content!) Hopefully this will be something that I will be able to acheive through the years, with the help of all my readers. #GIRLPOWER #GIRLBOSS

Thank you so very much for making this possible and stay inspired !

**If you have anything you want to ask me, share with our community or that you are seeking for advices, please don’t be shy to either COMMENT below or to CONTACT me in private. To book a makeup appointment or for any business inquiries please click HERE.



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